Brain Growth and Repair - Louise Stiedle Hayes, Ph.D. - Houston, TX
Brain Growth and Repair - Brain-Mind-Body
We     Louise Stiedle Hayes, Ph.D. 
       "a retired special education teacher who has learned     
                   how the brain develops,       
                   how it works, 
                   why it sometimes doesn't work, and
                   what we can do for ourselves
                          to make it work better."Her work is based on The Brain-Mind-Body Approach, which is the perception that the  Her work is based on The Brain-Mind-Body Approach which is the perception that the Brain, Mind, and Body function in specific ways. As we maximize the cooperation and expertise of these three parts through movement, touch, and intention we bring about intended and desired change in specific ways. As we maximize the cooperation and expertise of thFourteen years were invested in teaching children with learning disabilities.  She has over thirty years’ experience helping groups and individuals improve their physical and mental health, mental and physical ability, and achievement level. Individuals of all ages experience recovery of function following stroke or trauma to the brain, recovery from learning disabilities, relief from pain, improvement in sport's skill, and better communication, parenting, and management skills.
     Presentations have been made to conferences including Texas Retired Teachers Association State Convention, Texas School Administrator’s Parent Learning Group, Accelerated Learning and Teaching (Palm Beach), MENSA (Houston, Galveston), First World Imagery Conference (San Francisco), Caring Adoptions (Houston), school administrators, school faculties, students, and parent groups (Houston, Austin, Seattle, Honolulu, and Kauai), as well as senior education centers, retirement homes, community centers, and local business, professional, service, church, and social groups.
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Tutoring addresses brain development, overcoming learning disabilities, improving behaviors, and academics.
Individual sessions to address personal concerns.   $45 hr      281-787-2451
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